3 Currencies And Their Usage In Home Design Game


Home Design game includes different kind resources such as Dollars, Diamonds and the keys so get ready for playing the game. Basically, the game is all about designing so you are able to play it on the iOS and Android devices. It contains lots of challenges which players can complete for designing the room perfectly. Not only this, you can easily design home that will give you some dollars which you can used for purchasing the pieces of furniture that you can use in the game. Here I am going to explain the types of the currencies and its uses.

Currencies and its use!

There are three different types of currencies in the game such as Dollars, Diamonds and the keys. Now you can easily checkout its uses-

  1. Dollars – let me start from the dollars that can help the players to buy the furniture items. When you play in the events and complete different challenges then you will earn the dollars automatically. Even daily event pays $2500. In some cases, you will get $1000 in some special series events.
  2. Keys – keys are really important for enter an event and this is their only function. Sometime the cost of the event is about 35 keys and the daily events cost only 20. You can earn the keys by attaining 20 keys allocated on daily basis and also by voting on challenges.  
  3. Diamonds – If we talk about the diamonds then you can easily use it for buying the accessories items like pictures and plants. You cannot buy with the use of cash. Even furniture items can be allocated as prizes can also only bought after using the diamonds.

Home Design game includes three different types of currencies so simply take its advantages. Nevertheless, you can easily take easily advantages. Players can easily use the currencies for buying different furniture for designing the room in the game.