Innovative Tips and Tricks for PES 18

Innovative Tips and Tricks for PES 18

PES is the most popular football gaming series on the gaming market. Developed by Konami, this game is available for r Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS platform. This newer version PES 18 was released in September 2017 all over the world. In case you’re wondering PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer and must be known by football lovers. This game is very easy and can be played even if you’re not much of a football player in your real life but in reel life, you can do everything.

To help you do almost everything we have come up with this guide for you all upcoming players out there. We will try to cover almost every important aspect of PES 18 in this guide. So let us get to it-

1. Steer clear of your Sprint Button

While playing the game sprinting would’ve felt like the easiest thing to do and this makes your player reach out to the goalpost easier and hence you can make a goal much faster. But this isn’t the truth. Sprinting is good sometimes but not every time it works great. Walking with the ball is a lot more easily and it will allow your player to make better moves and you can tackle traffic easily.

Instead, you should get used to sprinting on free space and then to slow down in traffic. While long passing sprinting can be a lot more helpful as it will make you run faster and a long pass to the far player can make an easy goal for you. And don’t overuse this as spiriting for a long time make your player more tired and don’t forget this is a real-time game so all rules apply to these players.

2. Master your ball handling skills

So mastering the ball skills are not easy and this can give you a hard time remembering these moves. These moves are always new and there are many of them to tackle, to shoot and much more. Playing a move is not all depends upon the remembering of your pad controls or whatever you’re playing on but it depends on timing and your moves both.

Here’s a trick to remember a move. Just focus on first 3 or 4 moves and uses them slowly and try to remember leftover moves and slowly you’ll reach a point where you will realize that you’ve mastered such moves.

3. Mix up your Shooting

Yeah mixing up your shooting style can help you a lot in a match and even while choosing your squad. Try to keep only 2 players with same attributes and same style. More than that will be of no use as you’ll need a different style of players at different positions. Try mixing up your moves like if you’re shooting, don’t just keep on shooting. Pass ball to your other players, don’t leave them behind as they will help you score a goal.

Try choosing different players at different positions and experiment them. Don’t fall for a player who is good in real life and focus on the attributes shown in the game and use your players accordingly.

So what’s the Final Verdict?

Konami has always come up with great games with such cool and astonishing graphics. One should keep on playing in order to master this game. PES 2018 Hack is much like the previous versions of this series but there are some new features added to the gameplay and that is totally awesome. Keep working on your moves and I hope this guide was helpful for you all.