More about Currency in Merge Dragons

Youngsters are crazy about real-time gaming, and one of the famous games is The Merge Dragons. It is best for puzzles, and you will see many dragons for playing. You can unlock some new dragons for more enjoyment. The game is suitable for IOS and android device. It is free to play, and we can download it easily by the android store. There are lots of magical things, and we can get many kinds of resources.

Major currencies

In the game, some major currencies are used like magical coins, gems, and stone bricks. All the currencies are for buying many things, and you need to collect much currency. The Merge Dragons Hack is suitable for everyone, and it is free to use. The players can level up in the game by spending some amount of currency on it. Before going to play, we need to understand each one currency.

Magical coins

Coins are the prime currency of the game, and we can purchase a number of things. You will get the right amount of coins by playing in levels. Open some new chests for it and finish various tasks.


We can level up plants, tree, fruits, and many resources by the use of gems. It is a significant currency for many power-ups, and you can solve various puzzles for such currency.

Stone bricks

Bricks are beneficial for the building process, and we can bring the life on land by it. The players can get more bricks by merging various items.