Darkness Rises- Detail about Quests


Recently NEXON Company launched an action game Darkness Rises. It is a Role playing category game. It is available on both Android and IOS devices. The game is available for free on play store and app store. But some items are purchased from virtual money and real money. You create own avatar for playing the game. It is installed by 1,000,000+ people in the whole world from android devices. Via the graphics, you can experience the virtual world as the real world. The battle and classes make this game very popular. So many adventures and activities are available. In IOS devices it requires 9.0 and up version and sported English and Chinese language.

Types of Quests-

In it, the quests are available for play the game. The quests use to earn free currencies via completing the challenges. So firstly I tell you about the quests.

What are the quests-?

The quests are like the missions or events. As per complete the task, we will receive the rewards. With rewards, we will earn gems, gold, equipment. If once we enter the quests then it necessary to complete it. So, in other words, we can say that it is the best way to earn currencies. The four types of quests are available in darkness rises. Every quest has different tasks and different rewards.

  1. Main Quest
  2. Weekly Quest
  3. Daily activity
  4. Achievements

These are all the types of quests. So now I tell you every quest in detail.

  1. Main Quest-

The game is one of the types of quests. In it mostly tell you to progress in the main game story. From this, your level increases automatically. You also receive some rewards as the coins after completing the tasks. So it is the best way to earn rewards and boost up your levels. Take part in main quests to improving your performance in the game.

  1. Weekly Quests-

It is the also another category of quests. It is very confusing for players. In weekly quests, you will receive daily 15 missions.  All the missions complete in one day at one time. So firstly enter into the quests make sure you do not leave the mission. You will receive the rewards as permission you complete in a week. If you want to see the weekly process, then you can look at the bottom of the screen. In that situation, if you want to complete more missions after the first 15 mission then refresh the list. That will be cost gems for missions. So always complete the missions because it is the best source to earn the gems and coins.

  1. Daily Activity-

That is the best part of the quest. In it, you will not receive the daily 15 challenges as per the weekly. It is only run on the daily routine task. It is completing from taking part in an arena, entering Co-op dungeons. You can also do from completing the adventure stages. From completing daily tasks, you receive many rewards like coins gems and other currencies. So it is the best way to earn gold, coins, and many other bonuses.

  1. Achievements-

It is another way of rewards. When you reach on next level, then you will receive many achievements. The achievements such as milestones, collecting million gold, killing 1,000 monsters and achieve 60,000 powers. These all thing gives you performance in the game. You also get the notification when achievements receive. Always do the level and take the achievements. The achievements are the best source to earn free money like coins, gems, and other things.

These are all the types of quests. Darkness Rises Hack 2018 is also the best source to earn free currencies.